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Default Re: Bernhard, can we become DrummerWorld ensorsers?

Originally Posted by DamoSyzygy View Post
I would definitely put a sticker on my kick drum.

Bare in mind that the drummerworld logo is probably protected, so lets respect Bernhard enough to wait until he grants us permission to do it!

Where are ya Bernie?!
I'm just on the way to N.Y. with my family at the moment.....back in a week....

The Shop: Everybody asked me to make a shop. 500 people were willing to buy somthing.

When opened: beside myself and the moderators there were 5 boughts.....hmmm.

Now I have a shirt in the shop

and added now a sticker for $2.99 - just production price..

Because of the printing process, the borders are too large and should be cut a little bit.
The quality is fine....

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