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Originally Posted by mbrodeur86 View Post
Oh yeah, I know. I haven't been a fan as long as you but I would say since '84 for me. I was 7. I saw them twice on the C.O.S. tour too. Montreal and St John, Canada. My bro saw them on theater and dr feelgood in Quebec. I had the same feeling you did when they put the Corabi album out. I think Nikki said it best. If that album had been called anything other than Motley Crue, it would have sold millions!!!! I found 2 old pics and both kits are Sonor. The shout one must be newer 'cause the other kit had a concert tom and this one doesn't.

The top pic is from the Theatre Of Pain tour... look at the bass drum reso heads. Its the "smile now cry later" logo from the T.O.P. album. Thats the tour where Tommy and his kit pushed the 90 degree solo. And your right... you can see the Sonor logo on the toms.
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