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Originally Posted by That Guy View Post
Cool! So he did go to Pearl on GGG, I thought so. I'm really shocked that he was using Paiste 2002 on the self titled Crue album. I would have never guessed Paiste. Just goes to show that proper production can make cymbals sound amazing. The reason I am saying that is... I never gave the self titled debut w/ Corabi a chance when it came out. Now, I think its one of the best albums the Crue ever did. The drums are dynamic and extrememly backing the music. Best drum tracks ever.

Thanks for you input buddy.

You are soooo right about the Crue album with Corabi. It's probably one of the best-sounding albums I've ever heard. I know that he used Pearl for sure on Girls 'cause I remember the ad for Pearl drums and he's upside down in the cage on stage. He used mostly Paiste Sgs on the self titled album.
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