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Originally Posted by Halidman View Post
I think it was sonor back then, then he changed to pearl for dr feelgod, and it was definily sonor for theatre of pain...... check the inlay cards in the albums for closure on that one. and im 100% sure it was Paiste 2002s he was using back then. Not sure of the sizes though.

Somebody had said something about that kit being a Tama Imperialstar or something like that. I'd like to know more about the sizes and specs. My older bro (who was 13 when shout was released) got me into them. To that point, I was a KISS fan. When I saw the "Looks that kill" video. That was it. The flare he brought to drumming is what inspired me to play. I've loved him ever since. That early kit is near and dear to me but nobody seems to have a history page or something that I could find that. Would be cool if someone knew.
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