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Default Lyrix what I wrote for the new album...

More depression pt 1
Each job I've tried,
I seem to bungle
entombed in a bedsit
In a concrete jungle
No friends, no interest
No reason to rejoice
The only one I ever hear
Is my secret, inner voice.

The Darkness hangs heavy on me
Smothers my will to fight
The Darkness overwhelms and holds me;
Turns daytime to dark night.
But the voice helps me upwards
Urging me on with its joy
I feel like a child all over again
But this time it's me thats the toy

Doesn't talk all the time,
Says good things as well as bad,
Gives me my silent instruction
To keep me from getting too sad
Charity workers come & go
Spouting the SocioWord
But my voice talks more sense than they do;
It makes what they say absurd

Chorus repeat

Sometimes it whispers so sweetly
Then screams in my ear so loud
Always makes me feel wanted
But feel so alone in a crowd.
Now huddled under my bedding
Feeling that I'm at my end;
The voice keeps up its whispering
My silent, invisible friend

Chorus repeat [end]

Hmmmm, cheery stuff, hope y'all like it....
'I Wanna Be The Man With The 50lb Hammer'

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