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I think the problem is w/age in most cases. Im 38, been playing for 20 years and Neil was HUGE in the 80's. He is my second biggest influence. First being Gregg Bissonette and third being Alex Van Halen. All guys big in the 80's. I said Influence. Not "Greatest ever" "Best to walk the Earth". Just who got me excited about playing. Now drummers are so advanced; Donati, Lang, Minimen, Greb, Jarzombek and the like. The more complicated the more people are impressed.
So as great a drummer Neil is for the band and what he has contributed to drums he is not at their level of playing. Gregg as well. Gregg is respected as a guy that can play just about anything. But basically (for the most part) its what is popular when you are growing up playing. And if Neil wasn't who you grew up listening to then you just dont get it.

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