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The distance from the speaker just depends. Some people like to actually let the mic touch the grill of the cab. The farther away the more air movement you will capture. You just need to experiment to find what is a right balance.

Phase issues just depend on how you are mic'ing the amp. If you have one mic in front, and one on the back of the cab, all you need to do is reverse the phase of one. If you have two mics next to each other facing the cab, you may not completely get rid of the phase issues. Phase cancellation isn't necessarily a bad thing. You can use it as sort of an EQ to an extent. The only real problem is if you are losing parts of the mix when you check it in mono. If you expect your song to be played on any mono system this would be a concern. If you have wide phase cancellation, this can be tiring on the ears over an extended period of time. A little cancellation won't hurt anything. Aside from checking with your ears, you can get plugins for your software that will show you a graph of the phase relationship that you may want to check into. I use the one that Waves makes.
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