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Simon has been an absolute inspiration to me for over 20 years, and is the reason I switched to playing open-handed style.

Give Blood is the ultimate Drummers groove and Simon certainly defines what groove in the pocket is all about, especially the live version of Give Blood is incredible man! Also the live version of "Second Hand Love" from Pete Townsend has Simon laying down serious illegal chops man!

I have both of his instructional videos for almost 10 years now and I still learn so much from his unique approach and machine-like accuracy. His videos are not just instructional but fun to listen and watch, Simon tells it like it is.

One aspect I love and respect about both videos, is that he never talks about his open-handed style. Simon is all action and execute, and through this approach the rythm educates you about the open-handed method, not words.

Brilliance is the man.

Simon Phillips.

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