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its rick marotta on josie! His drums + an overdubbed trash can lid for the buzzy snare hit.

I too was raised on 'royal scam & aja' and was a big fan of purdie, marotta, keltner- the 'deep pocket guys'.
Carlock seems to be a modern version of these players, who never subverts the groove at the expense of a 'monster, over-the-bar, lighting bolt, inverted fill, or self-indulgent sub-divisions.
The fact that they are there, if you listen carefully, is even more amazing.

This summer, I had the incredible pleasure of seeing SD n Carlock live in NYC at the beacon theater, a 15 year old chilhood dream come true.

As for Carlock, not a note was too much, or too little, or too anything!

Its nice that todays drum frontiers are being led not only by the chop- miestersPortnoys, Adlers, Colauitas, and Weckls of the world..., but also by the pocket kings, Carlock, Gavin Harrison, Bennny Grebb, Rodney Holmes etc.
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