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This is off topic but also on topic some I'm gonna go ahead and ask it.

We recently got a male german shorthair pointer that's estimated to be 2 years old and we don't think he's trained to hunt (or much else other than the basics) and he is housebroken for the most part (he knows what he's supposed to do, it just comes down to us letting him out). He will not be training him to hunt, like they are usually used for.

Problem is, we have three cats and he naturally is interested in them. We used to have a female german shorthair and she would "play" with the cats, albeit a little roughly. This dog doesn't play like her, he stares and stalks and points like he was hunting a bird, usually. Is there a way to make a dog like this friendly with the cats, or at least just ignore them? It doesn't seem like the conventional methods of saying "no" or rewarding him for good things is getting the point across.
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