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Default Re: Why Joey Jordison is one Dimensional

Originally Posted by DogBreath View Post
Actually the post that Bernhard was commenting on contained a logical fallacy by including the phrase "needless to say" when he was merely expressing an opinion, one which obvioulsy is not shared by others. Do you really want someone to start monitoring your posts for language skills or logical consistency? I hardly think that Bernhard needs to justify his remarks to you.
I'm glad you said it DB. Thankyou. My initial response was to strictly comment on that part of his post, but I figured I would leave it alone becuase it would have strayed from the thread topic and I didn't want to start trouble. I'm not here to monitor and bring someones illogical consistencies to the forefront, even if it is directly warranted. Thats your job.. lol.

The great thing about DrummerWorld is that the members here are kindly and graciously granted freedom of expression from Bern when it comes to thier opinions. As much as I love this place.. I tend to cringe at some of the post I read and think to myself.. "am I the only one who caught that" and become baffled when there is no accountablity or rebuttle. Most of the time I chalk it up to a member using a phrase in a context that they don't fully understand. I'm glad you pointed it out... lol.
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