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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

When I first started drumming a while back I hadn't heard of many drummers. I was convinced Neil Peart was the world's best based on what friends had told me as I didn't listen to Rush. I Youtubed a couple of his solos and was impressed. When my dad, a professional guitar player said he knew the names of some "real" drummers to check out I was intrigued.

I looked one up named Steve Gadd and saw some video of him playing with some fusion band. I was not very impressed and didn't know what to think. He was playing in a strange time signature and I had no idea what he was doing. Months later after I had become a much better drummer I looked up Steve Gadd again. From that moment on I was sold he is now one of my favorite drummers of all time. Such taste, I couldn't believe it, he knew when not to play too. It was like every note he played was perfect. Plus he can go all out and pretty much destroy a kit aswell. He has a very unique groove oriented style and he has inspired me to play more musically at all times. I listen a lot more now to the music I am playing too since listening to Gadd's drumming. Truly a legend
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