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Honestly I think he's a good drummer. He can play in nearly all styles, I admit not always convincingly but he's still a great drummer. He plays a bit too busy imo but it suits the music of rush perfectly. The rhythm section of that band is tight. I couldn't imagine many other drummers that would fit the music like him. I can always identify a rush song by his drumming. He has very characteristic fills, and unique sounding toms.

If you think about his influence too... Do you know how many great drummers may have never started if it weren't for him? He inspired a whole new generation of drummers. There is a reason he is one of the most famous drummers to ever live. Overall I think he's a great drummer, highly overrated but hey a lot of worse drummers are too... I've never met him but I've seen a few interviews with him. Definitely not a stereotypical "rock star" at all.
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