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Originally Posted by latzanimal View Post
Weren't there Rockers with a Standard/Rocker bass head? Kind of a crossbread/crossover set.

Did know that Ludwig used the same 3-ply shells for the Standards as the Classic line when they were first introduced. The Standards just had the cheaper hardware. But you probably already knew all of this.
Latz, I can't say about the crossover you mentioned but do know that the Rockers came on when the Standards were dropped so nothing would surprise me at this point. I know of some who think because something is a certain way that all of the "others" from that line, or time frame, had to be the same way. There is a local guy who worked at Ludwig throughout the 60's and he said that many liberties were taken to use up old stock or they would use "something" that was "close" if they ran out of certain parts.
I asked him that specific question after coming across odd-ball stuff more than once that, from all appearances, weren't done by some Drummer over the years, which is another major factor, or should I say hinderance, when trying to figure out an old Outfit, or Drum. Things get changed, fixed or whatever over the years that you will never, no matter how hard you try, figure out. Because of this I started using a saying that I must have heard somewhere, "It is what it is."

I also knew about the Standard (original 1968-71 Line) using the 3-ply Shells and have recommended them to others based on that fact.
I also dig the Strata Finishes....................

There can be an awful fine line between a rut & a groove............
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