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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

I just watched the clip recently posted by Bernhard of Steve Gadd playing Basically Blue with the BR Big Band. What a great performance. This song sums up some of the reasons why I love Gadd so much. So Simple, so effective, such groove and swing and so dynamic.

I think a lot of the criticism of Gadd on this forum - often from younger and/or less experienced players - is related to the fact that those posters don't yet know how hard it is to actually pull of a performance like that. Without a background full of experience the subtleties are harder to assess and appreciate. It is much harder to "judge" a performance like this than judging a performance based on a more objective criteria like double strokes on the bass drum at 230 bbm.

If, you want be a professional drummer then you just have to learn to appreciate playing like this - and you have to learn to LOVE the music. Not just the drums, not just the drum arrangement - but you have to love the song and the overall music which the band will produce. Without that love you just can't even get near to sounding like Gadd.

(I am now stepping off my soap box)


Here's the link:
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