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Originally Posted by ludwigvondrumcrazy View Post
Interesting Standard information, considering the Strata Finish aspect you mentioned. When Ludwig reintroduced the Standard Line back in the very early 80's they had Blue & Olive Badges as well as the Large Classic Lugs but at that time only offered Cortex Wraps. This later version of the Standard Line had straight Bass Spurs with six ply Bass Shells & only 4 ply for the Toms. A couple of years after the reintroduction they introduced the Rocker Lines and that was that for the Standard's...........................
I remember them. Weren't they Rockers with a Standard/Rocker bass head? Kind of a crossbread/crossover set. I thought the Strata finishes are some of the coolest finishes and only available in the Standard series.

I know this is probably a stupid question but, you did know that Ludwig used the same 3-ply shells for the Standards as the Classic line when they were first introduced. The Standards just had the cheaper hardware. Ludwig's attempt at competing with all of the imports of the time. Union labor in Chi-town was the killer for these. But you probably already knew all of this....

I have seen 2 or 3 other kits with Classic lugs, in fact there is a blue strata on ebay right now with classic lugs. The large classic lugs will swap out with the bullet/rocker lugs. Smart on Ludwigs part not having to change drill patterns. My Ruby 12" actually has small/mini classic lugs on it, so it has to be factory. No other footprints either. When I get done with the kit, it'll be double 22" kicks, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13 double headed toms & 14, 16 floors w/ matching 5 & 6.5 snares. All with Standard badges & classic lugs. Someday.....

Enough of my babbling.....
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