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Originally Posted by latzanimal View Post
One of the other kits is a Standard Ruby Strata I am restoring/customizing/upgrading. It actually came with "classic" lugs from the factory, so it's only a Standard by finish and tom mounts. Yeah! I wil post pics when I am finished. It will be one of a kind, that's for sure.

So ya thinik 2 quarts will do it, huh.................
Interesting Standard information, considering the Strata Finish aspect you mentioned. When Ludwig reintroduced the Standard Line back in the very early 80's they had Blue & Olive Badges as well as the Large Classic Lugs but at that time only offered Cortex Wraps. This later version of the Standard Line had straight Bass Spurs with six ply Bass Shells & only 4 ply for the Toms. A couple of years after the reintroduction they introduced the Rocker Lines and that was that for the Standard's...........................

When I order Flitz I always get two quarts and that usually will do a couple of Kits as well as a few snares but I use far less now than I did when I started doing this sort of thing. One word of advice if using Flitz, about a year ago it seems as if they changed the formula, or I just got a bad batch, the Factory Rep never did explain it, so you will want to use a smaller bottle to work out of, which is easier anyway. Last year about this time I had some go "gloopy" on me, it thickened up, in spite of the fact that I was doing everything as I had been. It was still useable just a royal pain to get it to pour out of the bottle...................

While I had always stored my bottles, large or small, in a zip-loc when not in use I now take it one step futher when closing up my quart after a refill using an old Canoe Builder trick that I have used for years when closing up a can of Paint or Varnish. When closing up my quart after a refill I exhale in the bottle a few times to remove the oxygen, which reduces skimming for Varnish & Paint & "gloopy-ness" in the case of Flitz. After that it goes in a zip-loc and since doing this have had no more problems. I always make it a point, even if taking a break for a few minutes, to close my small "working" bottle in spite of the fact that I have to do a refill every two or three days, depending.....................

I would like to add that when I contacted Flitz about what happened last year they jumped right on it and replaced the "gloopy" quart working with the Company I posted the link to earlier in this thread....................

There can be an awful fine line between a rut & a groove............
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