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Doh! I used to split my knuckles open on my snare rim back in the day. Ah well. Man, I'm going to have to get my friend to take a pic behind my kit doing a drum face like yours... it is so uncanny how much you two look alike.

Here is a few of my favorite pics from years past.

The first one is from '97. This first one you can see my Radio King snare, and my vintage 15" Zildjian hats on a hi hat stand I had to half-way fabricate myself. That big guitar amp next to me is the reason I have a little trouble hearing in my left ear I believe. For this show I had my Radio King kick and snare, and borrowed a floor tom from my friend. That floor tom was from the Premier APK set I recently sold back to that same guy. I was using my old Sabian Pro Dry 20" ride and two identical 16" B8 thin crashes. I actually have that show on cassette tape. hahah

This one was a Halloween show we did the same year. I think that's my Radio King snare, but I don't believe the rest of the kit was mine. If you notice behind me, close to the hats, you can see some arrows. That was part of my costume. I was a guy with five real arrows stuck in him. That costume was so great I used it for another Halloween.

This last pic is from a few years ago. I think that was my last gig before becoming a father. Crazy to think it has been that long. Last week was my first gig as a dad. Man time flies.
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