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Originally Posted by drum.lad View Post
ya i love the guy his drumming is so simple and he is just as good if not better than dave grohl(and i worship dave) also his drums are beautiful on stage
ho ho ho... you can say a lot about joey, I fully respect him and like his playing, but no mather how you turn it, he is NOT better than dave man... no one is. His playing just isn't as brilliantly invented as daves. proof = compare Songs for The Deaf to Era Vulgaris. Joey always plays straightforward and on the beat, but some of the drumpieces of era vulgaris are a bit too simple I think. Groovy indeed... but it may have been a little more imo. Allthough I find run, pig, run (one of the best songs on the album) a great drumbeat and I love to play it to. anyway... this is Joeys thread so .. :)
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