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Default Re: Your Ultimate Band

I think the perfect band was Queens of The Stone Age, a couple of years ago, when they still played with:

Lead vocals/guitars: Josh Homme
Bass + back. vocs: Nick Oliveri
Drums: Dave 'Backbone' Grohl
2nd guitar: Troy Van Leeuwen
Guest vocals: Mark Lanegan
(Keys: Natasha Schneider)

because it's a fact that it worked, you know the whole thing, these people, as a band. But if I had to select individuals and put them in a band...Hmm let's see, probably:

Lead Vocals: John Garcia (Kyuss)
Back. vox: Layne Staley (AIC)
Drums: Dave Grohl / me
Bass player: tough one: ben kenney, cliff burton, or justin chancellor
Keys: Jon Lord
Rythm guitar: Josh Homme
Lead Guitar: David Gilmour

I wonder how that would turn out.

btw: recently some of Belgiums biggest radiostations and tv-channels organised an election for the ultimate band (so the viewers/listeners could vote for the best: drummer/guitar player/bass player/singer/keyboard player individually) and guess what... all the members of pink floyd were sperately chosen to be respectively the best at their instrument. So pink floyd as ultimate band of all time... kind of a complimen I guess
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