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Originally Posted by ludwigvondrumcrazy View Post
SmoothJazz, as far as I know the Club Date always came stock with different sizes than the SuperClaccic Outfit, about as close as the Club Date came to the SC was it's earliest version, which is contained in the 1961-62 info I already posted. By the 1963-64 Catalog it has been "tweaked" and the Jazz Fest (8 Lug) Snare swapped out with the lesser priced Pioneer (6 Lug.)

In 1966-67 it still had it's "tweaked" sizes but they switched up on the Snare again, using the Acrolite as stock.

Here are the 1966-67 specifications showing the "tweaked" sizes that it sported from 1963-64 on...............................

More To Come / In Progress
That is all I needed, that pretty much assures what I am getting since your saying Club Date never came in the SC sizes down to everything (unless maybe custom ordered, but I am pretty sure it was a stock kit). Thanks, you are a true Ludwig Guru.
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