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Originally Posted by ludwigvondrumcrazy View Post
SmoothJazz, with few exceptions, like their lower end Outfits, all Kits were available in Ludwig's Pearl Finishes, most with a choice between Lacquer or Pearl................

Here is the Club Date as shown in the 1961-62 Catalog that illustrates this.
Look down at the bottom left hand corner for choice of Finish and price difference..............

Below is the Club Date in the 1966-67 Catalog with the Sparkling Red Pearl Finish, which just as easily could have been WMP......

SmoothJazz, given your name, here is one of those exceptions that you might find interesting that doesn't follow the rule of "low end" Kit.
It's the Jazzette, as shown in the 1966-67 Catalog with a clear Mahogany Lacquer Finish.................

Note that in the 1966-67 desc below that the Jazzette was also available in Clear Maple or "Plain" Lacquer Finish...............

Alright, one more question and out of your hair for good. with the exception of the first outfit pictured down to except the floor tom, The Club Date never came standard with a 22" 13" 16." It always came with a little bit different sizes compared to the Superclassic right (Which mainly came 22 13 16 I assume.)

Because I haven't seen the set I am getting yet, I think after you answer this I can be sure that I know that I am getting the Superclassic when I go down to Jersey to pick it up. I haven't seen any pictures of it so I can't judge by the lugs, so this is what I gotta go by.

Also wow, what good times, a Supraphonic snare drum came standard on a low end kit, and Formula 602 cymbals, some of the best ever made (worth like 600 a piece now), 4 of them for $140! Quite amazing how much prices have inflated since then.
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