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Default Steve Ferrone

I did a search and didn't see him if he IS, sorry!

So Steve Ferrone...I was watching a Tom Petty DVD earlier (Live at the Olympic) and I forgot how much I truly enjoy his playing. He's SO solid and SO couldn't break his backbeat with a bat. Every song was a lesson in groove and musicality in a rock type of setting. He's really mastered the "less is more" aspect of drumming...he has the chops to totally throw out some crazy 64th note 13 over 5 madness, but he plays for the song. The more drummers I hear, the less impressed by chops and the MORE impressed am I with drummers that can lay down a solid foundation in any type of music and still retain a very indetifiable voice. Steve Ferrone is one of those guys and I think he deserves all the work/praise he gets! From The Average White Band to Eric Clapton to David Sanborn to the great Johnny Cash, Steve Ferrone has proved that he's one of the best players out there! (plus he seems really cool from the interviews I've read/watched)
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