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Default Re: new MD Videos: Do they work for you?

Originally Posted by Bernhard View Post
I put up some new videos from the MD-Festival.

I had some complaints, that they don't work correctly... they work for you?

Thanks for help

Hi Bernhard

First of all, I've only been using the forums for a few months and had never heard of drummerworld until last fall, when my drum teacher sent me the URL. I gotta say - THANKS!! You've heard it 1000x but I'll say it again, this is a phenomenal resource for drummers and probably the site I visit the most these days.

This may not be the proper place to point this out but it is "on-topic". Have you considered posting the videos in Adobe Flash format? This is the same technology that powers YouTube and other video sites. I know I'm a very rare minority here but I use a Linux-based desktop and Quicktime doesn't work quite as well (yet.) It's a bummer because I have to download a video if I want to watch it, the streaming browser plugin sucks for Firefox on Ubuntu Linux and I can't watch the videos straight from the web.

Just a thought, there may be other benefits - such as a wider audience that has the Flash plugin in their browser vs. the Quicktime plugin, which requires a separate download and installation. I'm pretty sure the streaming technology is more efficient as well (better video compression and quality.)

And again, thanks!
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