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Originally Posted by Johnny from the block View Post
Queens is without doubt my favortite band, and has been for over 3 years, since I first got to know them.
Frankly, I find Joey really fits the band. And he certainly has the looks of a mean mexican kick ass drummer too. The one thing that bothers me, in his - apart from that perfect playing - is that he always seems to speed up songs. (check over the years and through the woods if you don't believe mee) This sometimes seems to make it difficult for josh to put up a decent solo or vocal line. But I noticed he only does this with the songs he didn't wrote himself. For instance: go with the flow, no one knows (indeed especially the songs for the deaf songs). I saw queens live at the Werchter festival about a week ago and they played very tight there. Castillo didn't speed up too much, and not even a bit with the Era Vulgaris songs.
So I guess Castillo is a very good drummer, who has written some great rythms (lullabies to paralyze, or e.g. Run, Pig, Run on the new Era Vulgaris. He is one of my favorite drummers for sure. But after hearing queens with Dave... Who could ever want something else.

Apart from queens I know that Joey also played with Danzig for a while. I don't know for how long (anybody?), but I think he was there on I.Lucifer. [wicked pussycat,...] Great band too, especially the classics like Mother and She Rides the Night, if you haven't heard of them, than certainly check them out.

Thank you for informations, I didn't know about his speed ups, I never see QOTSA live, but I like his simple and hard playing.
I'm a huge fan of Danzig, but only fan of early work with Chuck Biscuits on drums.
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