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Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
Be my guest. That's what we are here for. Just remember...Safety glasses.

Three dollars for a four foot piece of Oak, used about 18 inches.
Fourteen dollars for the 3/8th inch pieces of aluminum rod, one 8 footer, one three footer.
A Dremel tool with drill press stand, hack saw, sandpaper. etc etc etc.

A trade secret...Well not really. The chimes are 3/8th inch thick and I drilled a whole every 5/8th inch in the wood to tie them on. This puts them close enough to touch without a lot of force. Any closer won/t help and any further away and you would have to really move them to have them touch. Shhhhh....
One idea on the build: you may find the string wearing out a lot. I have a pair of LP chimes that were strung with Kevlar thread and they wore out before long and the chimes started dropping. Also, they used staples to attach the thread to the wood and that abraded the thread a lot.

Instead of more thread, I used the smallest possible plastic cable ties. I removed the staples and used very small eye screws to hold the cable ties to the wood frame. I clipped the cable ties of excess material.

The sound of the chimes is slightly less brilliant and the chimes stop moving a little sooner (I prefer to use the term "more controlled and focused") because the cable ties are a heavier than the thread. But they still sound great and are extremely durable.

You might be able to see the results in these photos:

Ironwood kit Tiki kit Openhanders Vids
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