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Default Re: Feedback on my product demo vid

Very nice as it is. A couple of minor suggestions. First, don't just compare the pad to a snare drum. That shows that it's much quieter than a snare but doesn't show that it's better than any other pad. Using brushes on this pad, as suggested, will show how great it works, but also using brushes on a typical pad will show how worthless most pads are for brush practice (maybe use a nylon brush instead of wire, unless you want to ruin a pair of brushes to make your point). Also, some practice pads have a screw on the underside that will only fit into a practice pad stand meaning that you have to purchase two pieces of equipment to use them. Maybe show that this pad can be used on its own, on your lap, on top of a snare, or in a conventional snare stand.

Or not. really, sometimes less is more. Unless you want to do a full on infomercial what you have now is just fine.

Although... you may want a professional voice over actor. I do believe that my "Richard Burton" video is still floating around out there somewhere.
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