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Default Re: Feedback on my product demo vid

As Mark said, if you don`t like speaking in front of a camera it is okay.
I liked that the video includes the needed information I wanted to have about the pad.

For a product demo try to take care of the "AIDA" least for parts of it.

A - Attention: Welcome the people, say what you wanna "Hi, I am Shane, today I wanna...blabla..."
I - Interest: Talk about the product and say how you find it
D - Desire: Talk about the adventages of this product, the features, play it...recommend it (just if you really like it of course)
A - Action: Not that important...I would rather keep it neutral just like you did it.

Overall the video was okay...but I`d like to hear someone speak about it. In this case that would be you. And in the beginning avoid filming how you unpack it...I personally liked the second camera position when you play the two snare drums...but your face should be visible, it makes everything more personal, warmer.

You don`t have to and you shouldn`t exaggerate...keep it low and true. ;-)


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