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Originally Posted by dimosthenis
IMO Dave Krusen was the best drummer for Pearl Jam. He did only "Ten" with them (studio) and left straight after that for family reasons. His sound & ideas are just amazing and they seem to fit exactly to the music of this particular group. Plus he seemed to move P.J. to a music direction that they never seemed to quite catch again after his departure.

Also "Ten" is such a good album (if you are/where into this music) since every single one of the songs is great - contrary to the following albums.

It's no wonder that "Ten" has sold 12million copies (by far the top-seller) while the newest ones are selling around 500.000.

Sorry if I got a little of topic here, but I didn't see Dave Krusen anywhere in the forum and I think he's a really good drummer and for P.J. the best choice IMO ofcourse.
I think its hard to say that he is the best - u never saw him, he just recorded ten then left, i would say Dave A. would have to have been their best. I kno Matt Cameron is awesome but I think Dave A. is a better live drummer.

Krusen left the band because of what he said was "family personal reasons" at the time but later admitted that it was because of a drinking problem.

Matt chamberlain left because he was offered a place in the band critters buggin (as if you wood, have u ever heard of em?) he was in the alive video but thats it

Dave A. was fired over breakfast by Stone for reasons that are no1 really fully understands to this day.

Jack Irons quit mid-tour due to health problems

Pearl Jam now have Matt Cameron of Soundgarden

Hope that cleared it up 4 every1;)
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