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Now that's funny!

I use, for all my polishing needs, the Liquid version of Flitz Metal Polish, which contains no Ammonia, Abrasives or Acids. I've found that the Liquid version, as opposed to the Paste, is much easier to control due to the fact that it soaks into my applicator rather quickly and doesn't lay on there like the Paste does, which tends to get squished where you don't want it. I do use the Paste on Rims since it is a little "stronger" and it matters not where it ends up on those parts.................

Flitz is safe for most metals, plastic, fiberglass, plexiglass & paint and I have used it safely on many types of metals as well as all the other materials I just mentioned..........

I have bought Flitz from a number of sources but for the last year always re-supply here.

It's the cheapest place around and they ship quick. You should get 10% off if ordering for the first time and also be prompted with an offer to buy some Micro Fiber Polishing Cloths during checkout, which I highly recommend doing since they are awesome for use when doing the final polishing..................

After the Flitz I follow up with Meguire's Cleaner Wax, usually 7 to 10 thin coats on shells, which may seem like overkill but the extra coats do make a BIG difference. When working the Lugs etc for the Downbeat Bass I kept adding coat after coat on the Shell going past my normal, at that time, 4 coats. When I removed the sixth coat I could still feel the "roughness" of the wrap but when removing the seventh it was as smooth as the best clear coat around so I slapped two more coats on and called it good...........................

The Meguire's can be found at most Auto Supply Stores, or anyplace that has a decent supply of Auto Care products. It is actually only one part of a multi step process designed by Meguire's but when checking the "other steps" I found that they didn't seem safe for Drum applications so I only use the Cleaner Wax................

When you apply the wax does it give these drums a nice shine or is it just to protect it? I love that blue oyster kit you have, I had one just like it a few years ago.
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