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Default Re: Other albums featuring Manu Katche

Originally Posted by dchang0
Here are a couple of albums featuring some super-tasty Manu grooves that only Manu can do:

Gloria Estefan - Unwrapped
Jan Garbarek - I Took Up the Runes, Twelve Moons, or In Praise of Dreams
Robbie Robertson - Robbie Robertson

The Gloria Estefan record is phenomenal, with almost every track featuring Manu at his best. Katche only gets to really rip on one or two tracks on the other albums, but they're good. You've got to listen to Robbie Robertson's track, "Somewhere Down the Crazy River," especially if you're a big fan of Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes."

And of course, Manu has a solo record and a couple of "drum clinic" type recordings produced by Zildjian that are jaw-droppingly good. "Sticks Around" is a five-track Zildjian CD, and there's a Zildjian-produced VHS video of Manu working on one of the tunes from his solo record that features Zildjian A Custom cymbals.

I have yet to find the Joan Armatrading disc, and I'm looking for a good transcription of the live version of "Red Rain" (Secret World Live) or the studio version of "In Your Eyes." If anybody knows where I can find these, please post it here--thanks!
Great suggestions ! I ll look into that !

There is a gem on Tears for Fears The Seeds of Love album with manu on it : Badman Song , one of the best drum track I have ever heard !
I saw a live version of that song on the knebworth concert and boy the guy who was drumming for the band a that time was billion kilometers away from Manu's studio version, I mean he was really struggling !
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