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What led up to me going up and meeting him was a bit funny. I was coming back on the 11:AM ferry sailing sitting upstairs listening to of all things "Sister Cheryl" one my favorite TW compositions on my Sony Walkman Pro on headphones when I looked out the window recovering from my hangover from the after celebration of hearing him from 20 ft away in a small club the night before and there sat the very man himself enjoying a bit of sun and a Cuban cigar. I gained my strength and headed outside and walked up and introduced myself as a professional drummer and thanked him for his significant contributions to music,drumming,and composing. We talked briefly about the show the following evening and how much he was enjoying the tour with his current band and his new material they were playing. Pretty short and sweet really and didn't want to interrupt his relaxing moment to much and honestly I was a little nervous too meeting the man who's playing I loved and amired so much. Just a general thank you from me for everything he had brought to music and drumming. He was very nice guy too with no big star attitude or anything like that as I remember. Short but special moment I will always remember and treasure.

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