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One of the true masters and innovators.Has inluenced countless generations of players and always had a sense of growth and personal development regarding his approach and playing right up to the tragic end of his life.

Saw him play several times from a small club to large concert halls. Always knocked me out with his level of clarity and intent and aggressive approach. I like the drums played with a degree of serious intent and conviction and Tony was the living model for me of those attribrutes well blending a deep musical approach and swing.

Met him on a ferry trip back from Vancouver Island after a night his quintet played in a small club in Victoria well heading back over to the mainland for another show in Vancouver that evening which I caught too. There he was smoking a big Cuban cigar on the outdoor top sundeck on the ferry and yes folks I seized the moment to meet and speak and thank the man that had truly inspired me for staying on my path and concept as a professional musician right up to even today well past his untimely death.


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