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I completely agree with everything you said. I know that if you let your mind get in the way you take away from where the music could and would have naturally gone. I also know that i can't practice when im hungry lol. But, I guess my question is coming from a more technical stand point. For me when i here cats like you and bill stewart and other musicians that aren't necessarilly famous for their chops, but for their feel, i have to wonder why. Not why they dont have chops but HOW they create that comfortable, floating, addicting feel; to the point where all you can do is bob your head to it. The reason i said the "second line" is because that music always gives me that feeling. I could listen to it all day and all night. But i think some drummers today fail to learn that stuff. I call it perpetual motion because feels never-ending, similar to how triplets feel like a revolution. I don't it's just been the concept on my mind lately.
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