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Originally Posted by Smoky_McPot View Post
Joey is an excellent drummer. Just because his Disasterpiece solo was all crowd pleaser doesnt mean he cant actually play anything else! Also the two percussionists do know how to play drums, listen to The Blister Exists of their latest cd. I saw them at Big Day Out (Australia) and watched them play rudiments on their snares! I mean hey, why knock them? Should there be 3 drumkits in Slipknot?? :P
Yep, Shaun was the drummer before Joey joined.

I like Slipknot, but im not too keen on Joey's drumming, i really like what Shaun and Chris add though, you can hear them if you know what to listen out for.

Plus their sound and genre asks for speed I think, and Joey offers that,

But yea his solo does kind abore me a bit.
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