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Originally Posted by lerimed View Post
But its so hard to tell is he good or bad because RHCP songs are kinda slow.
A very puzzling statement - one that equates skill with speed - after all if it ain't fast how can it be hard? While speed is certainly a tool to have on one's workbench it alone is absolutely no indicator of ability. The truth is, that playing every subdivision in the bar is much easier than playing only a few of them. It is, generally speaking, much easier to play a fast song than to play a slow one. It is the ability to understand space (and thereore dynamics) that makes a drummer a musician. This kind of muddleheaded attitude - which seems to dominate so many drum forums and the thoughts of many young inexperienced players - needs to be corrected at every opportunity.

Chad is a very good drummer precisely because he understands the concept of space - without which you cannot have groove and you cannot have dynamics.

Lerimed - I am not jumping on your case it is just that your post more succinctly makes the point that many others only hint at. I am. however, just suggesting that aa macro approach to musicianship is probably a better way to determine someone's skill level.

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