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Originally Posted by drummercam View Post
Hey guys, I am so thrilled to say that I met Steve tonight. He was playing with Sonny Rollins in Vancouver at the Orpheum theatre and I had absolutely no idea that they were playing together until Sonny announced his name. I waited outside the stage door and sure enough there he was. He was even kind of enough to have a quick word with me and he gave me a nice handshake/hug. I only wish now that I had asked him for a signed stick or something, but maybe that would have been too much, you tell me! But the thing that was coolest tonight about Steve, other than meeting him was seeing that he is an incredible jazz drummer. I have only ever heard his recordings and seen his videos with his legendary 'grooves.' I have to say that I feel totally inspired to play now. Does anyone know if he has an email or a fanclub? I would LOVE to get in touch with him and thank him for his inspiration if it is at all possible.
NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!! I had a gig that night and wanted to see Sonny Rollins so bad, but had no clue that Steve Jordan was the drummer!!! AW MAN!! That's awesome that you were able to meet him. I don't know of anyway to contact him, I certainly would. And he is an amazing jazz drummer. He plays some good stuff on his DVD. How great was the Sonny Rollins gig?
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