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Originally Posted by byebyepanda View Post
LVDC, For the red sparkle Ludwigs, is that a 8x12 tom? If so, how do YOU tune them? I'm having trouble with my 8x12...
I have never had a problem with an 8 x 12, finding them the easiest to tune. When I have had a problem I traced it to either the head or rim and when the offending party was swapped out the problem went away..................

Keep in mind that on every Drum there is probably a "magic key-rod." If you are turning one that doesn't seem to be doing much try tapping in front of the key-rod (nodal point) on the opposite side of the Drum while turning the one "in doubt" to see what is going on over there. Sometimes you will be turning one and the other side is where the effect will take place. Once you figure this out you can deal with it...............

There can be an awful fine line between a rut & a groove............

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