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They will have all the parts stripped off and thoroughly cleaned & polished, which, in my humble opinion, should be done at least once every 20 years, or thereabouts.

The Blue Oyster Pearl Kit was so filthy when I brought it home I had to wash it before I would even think about putting it in cases. The photo I posted earlier shows it shortly after wiping it down with warm water.

Here is the Downbeat Bass after getting all the parts off of it. If you compare it to the finished photos above you will see that the Sparkling Red Pearl Wrap didn't have much of a sparkle when I got it. Also, you will see the outlines of the Lugs & Hardware on the shot below, which all old Kits look like when you get them stripped down. This is not dust but a crusty, crud, that is next to impossible to remove without removing the Lugs, etc......................

More to Come / In Progress
Tell me, how do you bring back the luster to a vintage kit? I'm been meaning to tear mine apart and give it a good cleaning, I know how to clean the hardware, but what about the finish itself? If you have some tips I'd like to hear them.
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