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Default Re: Comments on videos!

I have just found this thread and wanted to make a comment even though it is a couple of months old. My video "History of Drums" has been on youtube for a little over 6 months. I had origionally set my video to allow comments after I view them. It got to a point that I felt that it was best to just disable comments altogether. Eventually I even disabled comments on my channel because I was getting diplays from undesirable sources.

Because I send students to my sight I have to check my site regularly to even weed out bad subscribers. I think many try to attach themselves to a successful video in hopes that they will get noticed.

I have actually considered pulling my video because of the garbage that is on Youtube. I have just found this forum, (although I have known about drummerworld for a long time), and I hope that I will be able to engage in some intelligent conversations with other drummers/percussionist.

Thanks for allowing me to vent.

Jay Webler

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