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Default Re: Dennis Chambers

I just saw him once doing a workshop at the Montreux Jazz Festival last year. He did a 25 minute solo, but honestly it didn't really touched me except that he did a five minute sick thing : accelarating with the double pedal and slowing with the snareroll, and vice-versa (kinda John Hiseman trick). But he didn't really play a cool groove, and I lost a bit the rythm feel in his technical solo. I got more kicked watching Calhoun's workshop this year.
But that was only an hour workshop, you can't know everything about a drummer in one hour.

The same night I watched him a while with Santana and his groove was perfect, but couldn't stay long cuz I really don't stand what Santana's doing actually. I could see Chambers solo which was short, and more a show thing than a real solo. He did his double-pedal/snare acceleration/slowdown thing while drinking a bottle of Tequila mixed with orange juice. Fun and impressive, but couldn't see more because Santana's music.
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