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Originally Posted by Alex Riel View Post
Hi there,
Well, to be honest I've been quite busy gigging so I haven't had much time to go to other concerts. Plus when I'm off duty I tend to prefer NO music at all, lol.

I did however have the great pleasure to attend a couple of Genesis concerts recently that really impressed me. In my book Chester Thompson and Phil Collins are both excellent drummers. The whole show was amazing .. and very inspiring.

Other than that I've been listening to a few cd's with, well .. different stuff, from Jaco and Herbie to Ray Brown, Pierre Boussaget and Clark Terry ...

By the way, my website has been laying still for quite a while. But it is in the process of being updated now. The whole site should be done by the end of July. Also, I've just released a new CD with my trio .. here's a bit of info (more coming)

Best wishes,
Great news Alex, plus, long time no talk!

Where are we going to be able to buy this new album (or can we already and I just missed it?)? Looks great and the first album from that trio is fantastic. I expect this one to be equally as good a least, right?=)

I picked up the Bill Evans DVD too, great stuff- once again lots of great brush playing. I was never the biggest fan of Eddie with Bill though, but it all sounds good. Highly recommended all around for those reading.

So what's the deal with this Niels Lan Doky album? It looks like a great concept and I will be looking for this one too! He's such a great player and I'm happy to see you two working together again! No Gary Peacock this time though?! I have to admit, I don't know Pierre Boussaget at all.

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