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Default Re: My band has decided to go "bassless"

my main band im in now is currently bass-less. We're a two piece guitar/drums. From the shows we've played, we definitely stand out in a positive way. There are people of course we've spoken to that simply can't understand having a band without a bass and think that the idea in itself is just not "logical" but there are many ways to pull it off, and if you do (like people say we tend to do) you will DEFINITELY draw attention and interest. Its a different sound than what people are used to hearing )when done right...when done poorly it just sounds like a band who needs a bass). Definitely sounds more raw without.

Shameless plug (to see how a band sounds without a bass)-we have about 12 songs done, this is our first one we recorded.

if you have any questions or wanna talk about the whole no bass thing, message me, i have a bunch of experience playing ......and have studied with certain major drummers........ who play without one (not because the lack of finding one but because of the specific sound)
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