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Originally Posted by the gayge View Post
Dave King is a really interesting player but man, sooooo many rim clicks. It got to the point with the blue record (with the nirvana cover) where I just couldn't listen to it anymore. It sucks a little bit because a lot of his vocabulary is really exciting. Just all that rim noise. It's like one of those clacker toys constantly coming through the speakers.

If there are any records where that isn't as present a sound, I'd love to know.
I think you need to hear Dave do his thing live with the band in concert. Since i've followed their development as a unit they have taken things to yet another level IMO and Dave really breaks it up and certainly no over abundance of butt of stick across snare at the show I just saw. All I remember was a very inspiring,unique and musical performance with lots of variety and dynamics. Some of the best leading edge trio jazz going right now featuring a very underrated current drum master.

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