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Originally Posted by Slayer_metal_head
is his name really Tré cool he may be a good drummer but i can play every song on the american idiot album (i gave up pop and green day when i heard slayer) but some of the fills are pretty cool and i admire the drumming on hte song novacaine when the heavier part of the song comes on i still cant figure out what hes playing but whateva i dont mind Tré except his name i dont evan have to tell you why "Tré Cool" is getting bashed

If you want speed listen to slayer i used to green day is fast before i heard slayer and i discobered BLAST BEATS theyre insane gotta try em

Thanks and NO THANKS.

I think its a misplaced conception prevalent amongst youngsters to judge a drummer by whether you can pick up his licks/groove or not.
Ever wondered why best of breed drummers keep on repeating the same sentence AGAIN AND AGAIN that they are "trying to find deeper pockets" ??
You, myself, Bernhard, and the other members of this forum will play the same slam home 4/4 beat (1 and 3 on bass and 2 and 4 on snare) in the same tempo in the same drum .. but will sound different ........

why ??? go figure lad ;) ....
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