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Originally Posted by Jeff Almeyda View Post
I hate his drum sound. His snare sounds like a toy and his kicks are totally triggered and fake-sounding.

Lamb of God reminds me of the easy-guitar version of Slayer. Some of the guitar parts sound like a 14 year old wrote them. A band like Strapping Young Lad with Gene Hoglan on drums or Mastodon with Brann Dailor leaves them in the dust.

Frankly, I think that both he and Bittner are way overrated. The little kids who buy their records are the same ones that vote 40 times in the MD poll.

Well this really isnt fair. Watch them play, I am no guitar expert but I play a little and some of thier stuff is really difficult.

As for his kit, well he plays metal so isnt it ok for them to be triggered, and they are not actually triggered, I have seen the DVD that comes with Sacrament and I have watched, his snare is more a unique sound much like his playing.

Anyway this post seems arrogant but I am really not. Just standing up for the man.
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