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Default Re: 'ello, keyboard problem...

Originally Posted by SLEEPY BRiGHT EYEZ View Post
I'm not sure if they sell them at Musician's Friend, but I own at least one myself. If the output on the keyboard is stereo, you may need a cable that converts the stereo to a mono signal (1/8" stereo male at one end to 1/4" mono at the other). Or maybe the keyboard will treat the output as mono if only a mono plug is inserted into it.

An adapter will work, but I always prefer a proper cable to using adapters for a long term solution. In my experience, adapters are more prone to creating hum and shorts.

Radio Shack might even have this type of cable. That would probably be my first local stop. I know you can find it online. In fact, there are companies willing to make any kind of custom cable in case you dream up something that hasn't been done before, or isn't standard enough to keep in stock.
Thanks man, I went to the mall today, but being Independence Day it was PACKED. So I got Chic Fila and left... I hate big crowds like that... Big crowds of sweaty nasty tourists...
But I plan to go to RS tomorrow and see if they have anything to help me.

I know what you're sayin about adapters too, they seem like they would be much more prone to humming and such. Thanks everyone.
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