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Default 'ello, keyboard problem...

Hello all, my band has experienced a slight keyboard problem. (musical keyboard, not computer one) We need to amplify ours, but the only way to do that is the red and white RCA (I think thats what they're called) plugs with the other end in the keyboard headphone jack... Then on the amplifier there is the red and white plug holes and it says "CD Input" in it.

Anyways, the RCA plugs amplify the keyboard slightly, but the amplifier controls don't do anything to the keyboard, for example, the only way to turn up the volume is on the keyboard, the amp doesn't sound louder at 10 then at 2...

So my question is, is there a way to convert the keyboard to 1/4" phone plugs? I know there is high to low impedance converters but how about RCA to 1/4 phone?

Thanks guys, I can take pictures to help explain if needed.
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