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Default Re: Phil Maturano here!

Originally Posted by anp27 View Post
Hey there, Phil! It's cool that you're here. I have your 'Working the Inner Clock' book, it's a great book.. you should come up with another one! Your 'Latin Soloing' book and DVD are also great, very well written educational material. It's such an honor to be talking to a master in Latin Jazz drumming such as yourself, even though I'm talking to you indirectly, through this forum. Please continue educating and inspiring us all!
Why thank you Adriane!:-) I hope I can live up to your compliments.
As a matter of fact, a new book, "Inner clock two" Is coming up soon!

I like your version of "progress" on your page:-) Thank you for putting it up there.
Many kind regards
Phil M.
Live to play!

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