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Default Re: Another DIY internal mic mount

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
Very cool and elegant mod, with no permanent alteration of the drum or essential components. How did it sound at the gig?

One question: What do you do when you need to mount the toms in the bass drum? Or have you switched to permanent suspention for the rack toms?
I use a Tama double tom stand for the rack toms, generally. I haven't used the bass drum mount for quite a while. If I wanted to use it, I guess I would have to run the mic cable through the vent hole or maybe install a female XLR jack directly into the shell.

BTW, it sounded great at the gig! Setup was a breeze - I set up, plugged in, and setting levels took less than a minute. Entire sound check took maybe 5 minutes. They had a good sound company working the event, thank goodness.
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